Our Technology

Years of process improvement combined with the latest technology available have yielded a suite of products that provides the backbone to the recovery process. With special emphasis on data flow, analytics and security, Praxis has leveraged time-tested solutions and industry best practices to create a secure, purpose-built subrogation system to manage the entire subrogation process.

To date, Pulse has processed millions of claims looking for and finding subrogation potential.


Security - A Collective Concern
As we partner with our clients to process claims, we also partner with our clients to safeguard the data we share. Recognizing that experts are now saying data breaches are inevitable and as likely to occur as hard drive failures, Praxis has taken extensive steps to mitigate attacks and minimize loss. We have incorporated coverage for each of the ten security domains into our policies and procedures.

Security - Review and Validation
Our security staff assists with audits and reviews to assure our compliance with your policies and procedures. Praxis will provide an open review of documentation, penetration tests and audit results to our clients at any time. A number of clients also opt to do on-site assessments either by internal staff or by third parties such as EY or PwC.


Data - Exchange
Praxis utilizes industry standard EDI practices. Clients can produce flat files (.csv, tab separated, etc.) or structured files (.xml, .json, .mdb) pushed over SFTP, FTPS or HTTPS. We can also accommodate ad-hoc uploads of Excel files as needed.

Data - Analytics
Praxis utilizes advanced machine learning tools and natural language processing to rank and prioritize claims. This, in combination with the years of claim subrogation experience provided by our auditors, yields an efficient and accurate subrogation potential identification process.

Data - Dashboard / Reporting
Praxis provides access to real-time reporting with drill down to the claim loss payment recovery status and the adjuster’s notes to our clients, allowing you to monitor our recovery efforts and view claim detail as needed.