Looking for a new place to grow?
Interested in joining the Praxis team? We might be looking for you. Our tight-knit team likes the challenge of "leaving no file behind" and works tirelessly to succeed. Because we aim to only recruit the best and the brightest, we are made up of passionate and competitive individuals who get the job done. Industry experience is not a requirement when applying with Praxis. Our top-notch, comprehensive training and mentoring program will prepare you for the challenges ahead.
Praxis provides all the training you will need to succeed, not just in the industry but in your career.
Praxis Offers
  • Pay and incentive plans that recognize performance excellence
  • Benefit programs that empower financial, physical, and mental wellness
  • Training programs that promote continuous learning and career progression while enhancing job performance
  • Sustainability programs that give back to the communities in which we live and work
  • A culture of respect, collaboration, entrepreneurial spirit, and inclusion
Internships at Praxis
Praxis’s paid for-credit internships provide college students with a big picture overview of our company and of the insurance industry. Most students will take part in different rotations throughout their internship, depending on interests and company needs. Praxis internships are not of the paper shuffling, coffee getting sort. We ask for—and expect—real work from our interns. Interns typically earn from 3 to 6 hours of semester credits, depending on whether the work is full or part-time and whether an intern is a business major or minor. If both parties are satisfied with the work, internships can lead to full-time job offers. Praxis works with our interns to integrate classroom learning with career-related work experience, to develop an intern’s maturity and confidence necessary in the working world and to provide insights about an intern’s career direction and goals. If a Praxis internship interests you please let us know by contacting our Human Resources Department or submitting your resume. We do not always have openings, but appreciate your interest in our company.

Would you be interested in joining the leading subrogation company team at Praxis? Our Praxis Auditors are on the front lines for identifying potential subrogation opportunities. Auditors conduct closed-file reviews in order to identify claims with recovery potential. Reviews are conducted in-office or on site at client locations. Auditors have a working knowledge of insurance coverages and negligence laws.

Praxis Investigators are the detectives. They review large amounts of information to build a successful demand for damages from responsible third parties. If the information is not available, then they conduct the investigation necessary to get it. Investigators are well versed in negligence laws, establishing provable damages and investigative techniques for gathering that hard to get information. Investigators must be curious, creative and persistent.
Claims Support

Praxis Claims Support is a centralized unit, supporting all department processing needs. From inputting new claims to making client requests, the support position is critical to the success of all operations. Support staff should be well organized and work well in a fast-paced environment.
Recovery Specialist

The Praxis Recovery Specialist is where the rubber meets the road. They are responsible for the successful recovery of money owed by responsible third parties. Recovery Specialists must be highly competent in negligence law, insurance coverages, and subrogation practices, while possessing strong negotiation skills, initiative and a will to succeed.
Account Executive

The Account Executive is an important cog in the sales engine. They research and identify sales opportunities, assist the Sales staff in preparing analysis for existing clients and prospects, prepare competitive intelligence and handle operational service management issues associated with a client. The Account Executive is also a subject matter expert in Praxis products and services and in expressing the value propositions. An Account Executive should possess excellent interpersonal skills, combined with a strong business acumen and analytical capabilities.
Business Development Managers

Business Development Managers are responsible for the sales and marketing of the Praxis service offerings, in a team based environment. Our people are highly trained in professional sales techniques and have in depth knowledge of the insurance industry and subrogation. Our Business Development Managers excel in developing customized solutions and developing long term relationships with clients. Strong interpersonal skills, creativity, teamwork and initiative are among the skills that make a successful Business Development Manager.