Workers' Compensation Proven Results
There is potential for subrogation in any accident that involves a third party. Whether it be a car accident, product failure, improper workmanship, careless employee or some other negligent act, identifying and successfully recovering subrogation opportunities is complex, time consuming and often intimidating. Every state has its own set of laws and guidelines treating subrogation differently. Each claim type has its own nuances that need to be understood. Liability is often contested, while claimed damages are scrutinized and reduced. Focus and expertise are of paramount importance. As a result, superior investigation and negotiation skills are required, with a strong dose of determination. Even then, sometimes subrogation claims require the filing of arbitration or lawsuits to bring about a successful result.

Challenges to Success
Companies face many challenges in pursuit of subrogation. It is a drain on resources and budgets. Personnel are torn between their adjustment actions and subrogation, leading to below benchmark performance, inefficient processes and incomplete evidence preservation. In some cases, a lack of technology hinders recovery. Add a catastrophic event, and often, there simply is not time or ability to do it all.
We Can Help
Praxis offers the time and resources to help. Our clients experience a seamless on-boarding process, allowing us to familiarize quickly and start recovery efforts. Each client has a Dedicated Client Business Manager assigned to their account, and a general liability trained and experienced staff to review every claim. We work to provide early detection to preserve evidence and employ a tireless and determined investigative team to completely research and understand each claim. While company adjusters often do not have a financial stake in the outcome, we motivate our staff with a performance based reward system, ensuring no stone is left unturned and no question left unasked.

Our unique knowledge of Workers' Compensation puts us in a position of authority upon which decisions can most effectively be made and plans implemented and executed. It is our desire to provide our clients with a variety of the most efficient and profitable solutions.

Case Study

Client Challenge
Our client is a State Accident Fund with approximately $50 million workers' compensation paid losses per year. Subrogation was being handled by the front line adjusters with highly varied and fragmented results substantially below industry averages. In the face of external pressure, our client was looking for ways to lower their paid loss and claim expenses.
How Praxis Helped
Praxis implemented our proven subrogation process identifying claims with subrogation potential encompassing 50% of all claim dollars. The identified claims were reviewed by Praxis leveraging data by jurisdiction, industry, third party precedent, and causes / outcomes of injuries.
Key Benefits
The client's subrogation recovery results increased from less than 1% to 3.1% of paid loss, exceeding the industry benchmark of 2.6%. Our efforts resulted in doubling the referral rate and decreasing the recovery cycle time by 43%. We continue to support the client by providing annual subrogation awareness training for their staff.