Auto Loss Payment Recovery
Automobile recovery is our specialty, honed by a technique perfected over two decades, and proven to lead to increased revenues.
Praxis identifies, investigates, and recovers damages from responsible third parties. The subrogation opportunities found range from oversights to complex liability/coverage circumstances and disputes. Praxis understands each state's specific laws ensuring the best recovery outcomes.
Within the nuances of each state law, the Praxis team of specialists finds innovative approaches to maximize recoveries. We are proud of our recovery team of licensed adjusters who are continuously trained to stay abreast of any relevant statute changes. Our adjusters are supported by an investigation team with access to a wide range of resources. Praxis takes a holistic view of the entire claim circumstances to determine if it should be pursued. We settle all claims provided that such settlements are solely financial in nature and we will not admit any liability or intentionally create any obligation for our clients.
The success of Praxis began over twenty years ago in the New York and New Jersey no-fault markets. With a solid foundation in no-fault, Praxis has developed a sophisticated approach to the recovery of injury claims nationwide. We have a deep understanding of each state's statutes giving us insights into the potential for each claim. After all, not all recovered dollars are based on negligence/liability. We often find priority of payment and concurrent coverage opportunities. Our detection and recovery of unique claims provides added value, the true mark of a partner.